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The Pak-Lite Story 

Thank you for your interest in the Pak-Lite.  We'd like to share the Pak-Lite Story with you.

Pak-Lite is a LED flashlight that snaps to a 9 Volt Battery, and will last up to 1200 hours!  At just 1.5 oz it fits right in your pocket! We live off-grid in the mountains of Southern Oregon on 20 acres with 2 year round creeks.  We generate our own electricity by hydro and solar power, and build the Pak-Lites right here. 

The Pak-Lite story began when our oldest son, Barclay (20 yrs.) decided to hike the entire Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) from Mexico to Canada (2600 miles).  He asked his younger brother, Benjamin (15 yrs.) to make him a small, lightweight flashlight, that would last the whole trip, without carrying extra batteries or bulbs.  Pak-Lite is the result!  Benjamin wrote the Patent himself, and it blossomed into our family business.

Now Pak-Lite is being used around the world by the US Military in Iraq, FEMA, the American Red Cross, Military Survival Instructors, and thousands of people who like to have a flashlight that isn't just a metal cylinder that stores dead batteries.

Pak-Lites come in a variety of cap colors and LED bulb colors.  They come with a steady beam or a flashing mode.  We have made custom Pak-Lites with particular characteristics for the Military's Special Operations.

We also have accessories for Pak-Lite, which include a Magnet, a Velcro strip, a Lanyard, a Battery Holder Clip, and a Headband that holds up to 3 Pak-Lites.  More handy gadgets are coming soon, so stay turned.

Here's what a Florida resident had to say about Pak-Lite: "I'm a repeat customer, still using the same battery after 4 hurricanes in two years, over 30+ days total without electricity. Thanks!" Charles May-2006

You're welcome to call or email us if you have any questions.


Victor Henry RRT-NPS, KC7EPI

Sheila Henry RN, KC7FDK

Pak-Lite Gear, LLC   

PO Box 365
Wolf Creek, OR 97497


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